What does Star School Supply Do?

Star School Supply partners with schools and PTOs across North America to create pre-packaged kits for students, thus eliminating many of the hassles of shopping for school supplies every year. The kits are designed and customized to meet the given specifications of each participating school and individual grade level.

Who Can Benefit with Star School Supply?

By partnering with Star School Supply, not only do the students benefit, but so do the parents, teachers, and educational institution alike. Schools and PTOs get a powerful fundraising tool in the form of a percentage of the proceeds of each kit sold within their doors. For parents, they can avoid the frustrations of back to school shopping like hard-to-find items and long lines by ordering their child’s kit online with the click of a button. Teachers get the uncommon pleasure of starting the year off smoothly by ensuring that every student is prepared from the very first day. And best of all, students get the excitement of having their kits waiting for them on the first day of school, each loaded with stylish and colorful brand-name school supplies along with exciting extras!

How Does It Work?

Star School Supply coordinates with your child’s teacher to create customized kits containing all the necessary items that students need for the entire school year. Once Star School Supply receives your order, it will either be mailed to you directly before the start of the school year or sent to your child’s school and distributed by their teacher on the first day—depending on which method the school chooses. The supplies come in an attractive and durable box that can be kept at school or brought home for storage.

How Do I Know What I’m Getting?

As a direct distributor of such brands as Crayola, Elmer’s, and Mead, Star School Supply uses only the highest quality brand-name items for your child’s school supply kit.

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